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with the intellectual informational technologies

Enterprise Data Graph — a modern solution in enterprise data management.

Our advantages

Better data for decision making

Data consolidation, cleaning, augmentation, validation and provenance tracking increase you confidence in decision making.

Data monetization

Make your data a profitable asset, discover the new ways of using it, create new digital products.

Get ready for AI use

Ensure you have the high-quality data for ML models instead of silos and data lakes. Transform texts into structured data.

New possibilities

Innovational development and digital transformation allows to get ahead of the competitors, unlock new business opportunities.

Our services


Automating complex tasks in data consolidation, cleaning and structuring.

IT architectures development

Designing complex IT solutions for your business.

Integrational solutions implementation

Effective solutions for the complex integrational tasks.


Building a single version of truth in the corporate data.

Our products

DataVera EKG Provider

Data virtualization platform for Enterprise Knowledge Graph implementation.

DataVera EKG Explorer

Enterprise knowledge graph editing and exploration interface.

Our experience

Energy company


  • Various systems contain differing data of the same business objects, such as personnel or assets. It is impossible to assess data actuality. A number of point-to-point integrations are consuming a significant part of IT budget.
  • The data from the several IT systems has to be consolidated and presented to the holding company.


  • Implement the MDM-based system, which consolidate all the required data (transactional data as well as a master data).
  • Use this system as a source for corporate reporting data.
  • Spread actual master data across corporate applications.

Business effects:

Reducing IT costs for integration procedures development and support.
Reducing time-to-market when reporting requirements change.